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7 Characteristics of a Successful Agent | Start Your Career in Real Estate

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Do you want to earn to your true potential? Want to work in a fast paced, exciting environment? If so, then now might be the time for you to take your first step towards a career in Boston real estate.

Loves Sales and Closing Deals

If you like the idea of putting your sales skills to work, a career in real estate can provide you with the thrill of closing deals in apartment rentals and sales.  We have one of the largest apartment databases in New England with the hottest “One Show” listings in the Greater Boston area and surrounding suburbs.  Boston Landlords come to us first to rent their prime listings on the market and our 90+ websites and 4 office locations attract client’s looking to buy and sell properties.

Values Time Management and Flexibility

Being able to determine your own schedule is one of the best features of being an agent, however it does require organization and hard work with managing clients, paperwork and appointments.   You can decide when to take that vacation or leave a little early – basically having the freedom to work anytime you want.  Our most successful agents work hard and play hard, meaning that a 40+ hour work week could equal thousands in commission although the hours are flexible.

Desires Control of Income Potential

Your business growth is up to you, as there are no limits in real estate with the financial rewards resulting from a superior work ethic and great attitude.  Having access to blazing fast computers, a powerful in-house database of properties and the best marketing firepower from websites to social media will provide you will the assets to make thousands.  Our agents make the most money with many top agents who gross over $20K in deals in just one month.

Looks for Networking Opportunities

People are always looking to rent, buy or sell and the more you network with your circle of friends, family, school peers or even your dentist, the more opportunities may arise.  Every relationship matters to an agent because all interactions handled with professionalism and integrity can lead to referrals and even business at some point in the future.  Our agents often get calls from past clients wanting to buy, landlords who are ready to sell or owners who are in need property management services.  Our full service real estate offices provide you with the tools needed to build lucrative relationships and create diversified income streams.

Knows the Market and Best Practices

Customer service, lead generation and knowing the market is amongst the top priorities of a successful real estate agent.  Our teaching strategy is based on continuous support and training for your real estate career. Our agents attend regular training seminars taught by experienced managers who share the latest strategies and techniques in real estate. We empower our agents with the tools they need for success.  You are taught the best in class practices, advances in technology and enforce all professional codes of conduct.  We provide you with nearly 100 hours of classroom and warm call /cold call and listing training. You will become a more complete agent in a shorter period of time than anyone in the industry!

Embraces Technology 

Being a motivated self-starter is one aspect of getting clients but the major driver of leads in today’s market is technology.  Join a team that delivers the largest and most advanced web infrastructure that places your listings so that they are found highest on almost every search engines and social networking sites including but not limited to: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and 320 other web syndicated distribution points of presence.  Our websites come up #1 on Google, Bing, Yahoo over 550 times for various highly sought after real estate and apartment related keyword searches!

Loves to Help People Everyday 

Agents play an important role in finding people the right place that provides the convenience and amenities to they are looking for in a rental or purchase.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for both you and your clients to enjoy an exceptional real estate experience.  Helping people find their dream home can be a fulfilling benefit when your making other people happy.

Are you ready to build your future in real estate?

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