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Agent of the Week: Ben Leavitt

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At Boston Pads, we pride ourselves on having hardworking real estate agents who know Boston and its suburbs like the back of their hand. These agents work tirelessly to find clients their dream homes, in addition to supporting local landlords and building our huge database of listings. Having access to the Boston Pads database and local specialty websites such as and are just some of the reasons our agents are so successful. Read below for this week’s agent spotlight interview with Ben Leavitt!

Ben, how long have you been working for NextGen Realty and Boston Pads?

“I am in my third year.”

What made you choose real estate as a career, and what were you doing before?

“It was something I had always been interested in, and three years ago I just felt that the timing was right and I was ready to make the leap. I wanted a job where I wasn’t sitting in a cube all day. I was ready to be out in the world meeting with clients and making connections.”

With so many local real estate offices, what made you choose NextGen Realty/Boston Pads?

“When I was searching online for agencies to join, I kept seeing the name NextGen come up. I noticed their description mentioned a lot of hands-on training, so I scheduled a time to see the office and meet the managers. I also met the CEO, Demetrios Salpoglou, and immediately felt motivated and like he had my back.”

What do you find most challenging about real estate?

“Honestly the challenge of the business is one of the things I love the most about it. Every single day is different. I like to be out and about and talking to people, and I also enjoy speaking with clients and landlords on the phone. Even when I feel overwhelmed, I have management on my side and feel like I can ask for the support I need.”

Tell us about your recent experience with the sales side of this job.

“That has been a huge learning experience. In the beginning of 2018, I created a goals list for myself. I’ve been crossing those goals off at a pretty high rate. One of the goals most important to me was to make a sale this year, and I am now about to complete my first condo sale in Brighton. I also have another sales listing coming in Allston.”

How do you build relationships with clients?

“I like to treat my clients like they are family or friends. I get to know them on a personal level and build trust. For example, I rented to one person relocating for a new office in Boston, and she was so pleased with the apartment I found her that she recommended me to her coworkers. I ended up closing quite a few deals off of that one referral. If you treat your clients right, they will treat you right.”

Do you specialize in specific Boston neighborhoods?

“Right now, I am working a lot in Mission Hill and Fort Hill, which are some of my favorite markets. I also focus a lot on Brighton and Allston. Our company’s local sites such as and help me market and build my business. I shift where the market does! The amount of leads generated from those websites is truly amazing. It also helps develop my relationships with landlords. Being able to see the real-time web traffic lets you see where the market is hot, and gets you the most leads possible.”

You Can Follow Ben Leavitt:

Ben has been forming and leading his own team of motivated agents hungry for success. If you are interested in joining a supportive and successful team, email your resume to for immediate consideration!

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