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Agent Spotlight Josue Vargas

Agent Spotlight: Josue Vargas

Aubrey Liss

Real Estate agents often jump from office to office. They’re looking for a place that will offer them better leads, more listings, precise locally focused technology, and the training they need to succeed. Equally important is growth potential – you don’t want to feel stuck after years with the same company.

It’s rare to find a real estate agent or broker that has been with the same team for 10 years, let alone 20. However, that’s exactly why we think it’s so important to hear from Josue Vargas – the Broker and Partner of Douglas Paul Real Estate in Cambridge. Josue has been a critical part of the Boston Pads team for nearly 20 years! He was one of the first professionals hired by CEO, Demetrios Salpoglou, and has thrived as an agent, trainer, property manager, owner, and mentor. The agents he hires often close $10K to $20K of transactions in their first month. Investors value his intense work ethic and relentless pursuit of real estate knowledge.

Now, a brief interview with Josue.

How long have you been working with Douglas Paul / Boston Pads?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Boston Pads/Douglas Paul Real Estate for nearly 20 years.

What made you choose to partner with Boston Pads from the very beginning of your career?

From the first interview I had with Demetrios, I believed in the core values this company adheres to, Trust, Technology, Training, and Teamwork. My growth within the company and in the industry is a direct result of the principles instilled in me here at Boston Pads. “Each one, Teach one” is a core philosophy. Pay it forward and give back. How could I not want to be part of that and help share that with others?

How do you build relationships with clients and what would you like them to know about you?

My clients know that they come first. Every client I have is my most important client. I would like clients out there looking for a professional agent to know that a great agent should be a bridge to success. A bridge to your dream home, dream apartment, dream commercial space, or dream investment. We connect you to your dreams.

What do you find the most rewarding part about managing and teaching agents to be?

The most rewarding part of managing and teaching agents is watching a new agent’s life completely change. Real estate is an incredible career and the lessons learned along the journey are just as important as the financial growth that can be attained. I love being just a small part of what an agent can become as a person and as a professional. It’s one of the few careers where you get out exactly what you put in- and that’s both incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

All of your agents have great things to say about you. What do you look for when hiring a new agent?

When I interview an agent, I look for passion, the drive, and their “why”. One thing real estate will do is weed out those that don’t have a reason burning inside them to be successful. It will test your resilience, test your fortitude, and test your endurance. I never look for skills, those can be taught. I look for that fire, no one can teach that. If they need to call me on how to close a difficult sales or leasing transaction at 6am or 9pm, I’m answering their phone call. Their success matters to me because it is a reflection of my success as well.

Lastly, what advice do you have for new agents?

My best advice for a new agent getting into real estate is know – it’s not easy. It’s worth it, but it’s not easy. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. It’s clear, but it’s not easy. Nothing in life ever is – so keep pushing.

Also getting in one hour earlier and staying one hour later than you think you need to. Sometimes just hanging around the office early you get the most amazing inbound calls, and off to the races you go. Our phones ring a lot, and often times just being in the right place at the right time provides big rewards.

Josue is Hiring!

If you are passionate, driven, and willing to keep pushing until you reach your goals then there’s a spot for you on the Douglas Paul team. Call Josue at (617) 595-1019 to schedule an interview!

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Aubrey Liss

Aubrey Liss

Aubrey Liss has been a licensed real estate professional since March of 2004. Aubrey relocated to Boston in early 2005 and began working with Jacob Realty. With a well-rounded background of residential sales and longstanding family history of property development, she was instrumental in the expansion of the Jacob Realty sales team. Her policies and leadership qualities helped gain her the title of Director of Operations since 2006 for several leading brokerages. Aubrey stays engaged and well informed regarding the latest market trends in both investment and residential products. Ms. Liss enjoys helping agents and landlords develop properties to their highest potential for both sales and rentals depending on market conditions. Aubrey has over a decade of complex development experience including by-right projects and successfully navigating the variance process throughout the Greater Boston area.

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